Alternative to Stained Glass
The  New Industry Standard

There was a growing need for an alternative to stained glass, as well as, a totally new dimension in window treatments.

We are proud to offer an alternate window treatment that has been marveled at, embraced and installed in the most discerning up market homes, at a very affordable price.

Samuel K Designer Windows have UV inhibitors integrated into the product. Independent tests have shown that there has been no fading or discoloration over a 10 year period. The summer heat is reduced and the winter warmth is retained inside the room. Our product has a built in 98% UV protection factor.

This product is manufactured  from the highest quality architectural films. We offer a  LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTEE

Unlike etching or sandblasting , a Samuel K Designer Window will enhance the integrity of the glass.  The Samuel K Designer Window is bonded to the existing glass to create a laminated and consequently a safer window.

Maintenance is very simple, just use a damp soft cloth. Do not use ammonia based cleaners or any abrasive cleaning product.

There are many applications - where there is a sheet of flat glass - our product can be applied, with magnificent results.

Under certain circumstances we will do custom designs at an additional artwork charge starting at  $150 per design.

Our Samuel K Designer Windows have been shipped and installed throughout the USA.

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